Multi-Tier Mapping

Join industry leaders using Resilinc to manage Risk across multiple tiers

Summary of Features

  • All the features of EventWatch
    (24/7 monitoring of your supply chain, load your sites & points of interest and protect them with EventWatch Monitoring, comprehensive event research & expert commentary, repository of 80,000 sites, 40,000 suppliers and 70,000 subtier connections for purchase, mobile app for on the go notifications, Event War Room, premium research reports, event webinars, and white papers)
  • All the features of RiskShield
    (Parts and sourcing information available to activate backup sources during an event, parts and revenue information available to assess true revenue impact of an event, supplier point of contact enables collaboration during an event, 3 risk indices included out of the box – macroeconomic, geopolitical, natural disaster – additional risk factors available for purchase, customized aggregation of risk factors to calculate your Risk Score, risk exposure cause assessment at part, partner, site, category or a product level, prioritized risks based on business impact at a part, partner, site, category or a product level, proactive mitigation of risks through creation of mitigation projects, online team collaboration)
  • Multi-tier supply chain mapping using our survey module
  • Repository of 80,000 sites, 40,000 suppliers and 70,000 subtier connections included
  • 80% of high tech supply chain & 50% of life science supply chain provide faster turnaround times for surveys
  • Our partner relations team takes care of survey administration work
  • Dedicated customer success manager to partner with you on your resiliency journey
  • Get benchmarking information on how you stand on resiliency practices compared to your peers in the industry
  • Customize your reports and analytics to suit your business needs and workflows
  • Premium technical support and training services to ensure that your team is trained on existing and new functionalities